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01. I Might Lie
02. Don't Let Me Die Young
03. Life Goes On
04. Thunder
05. Night Train
06. Tremblin'
07. Bringin' Me Down
08. Broken Window
09. French Guitar
All tracks written by Andy Taylor & Steve Jones
except track 08 written by Andy Taylor.

Produced by Andy Taylor & Steve Jones.
Engineered and co-produced by George Tutko.
Mixed By Jeff Hendrickson. Assistant Engineer: Paul Wertheimer.

Recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA. Summer '86.
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Musicians: Steve Jones, Mickey Curry, Patick O'Hearn, Brett Tuggle, Paulino da Costa, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylen.

Art direction and design by Kosh.
Photography: Jim Shea and Mathew Broderick.