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01. Surrender To Me
      Ann Wilson & Robin Zander
02. Do You Believe In Shame?
03. Recurring Dream
      Crowed House
04. Give A Little Love
      Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers
05. Don't Worry Baby
      Everly Brothers and Beach Boys
06. Dead On The Money
      Andy Taylor
07. Unsubstantiated
      The Church
08. Beyond The Sea
      Bobby Darin
09. Tequila Dreams
      Dave Grusin feat Lee Ritenour
10. Jo Ann's Song
      Dave Grusin feat David Sanborn
Dead On The Money written by S. Diamond, T. Cerney.
Produced by Andy Taylor.

Do You Believe In Shame? written by Taylor, Rhodes, Le Bon.
Produced by Duranduran, Jonathan Elias and Daniel Abraham.
Check Duranduran's 'Big Thing' for more details.

Soundtrack album produced by Danny Bramson and Tim Devine.