So Red The Rose [1985]Playing For Keeps [1986]
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01. Life To Life
"Playing For Keeps" Title Song
      Pete Townshend
02. It's Not Over
"Playing For Keeps" Anthem
      Chris Thompson
03. Distant Drums
      Peter Frampton
05. Think We're Gonna Make It
      Hinton Battle
06. We Said Hello, Goodbye
      Phill Collins
07. Here To Stay
      Sister Sledge
08. Say The Word

      Theme from "Playing For Keeps"
09. Make A Wish
      Joe Cruz
10. Stand By Me

      Julian Lennon

Say The Word written by Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon.

Produced by Alex Sadkin and Arcadia.
Additional production and remix by Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Productions.
Published by Tritec Music, Ltd.

Album executive music producers: Bill Curbishley, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Winstein and Jim Doyle.
Musical director: Alan Brewer.

Album art director: Duane Meltzer.
Arcadia photo for the Say The Word 7" single sleeve by Dean Chamberlain.