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01. I Do What I Do...
      John Taylor
02. The Best Is Yet To Come

03. Slave To Love
      Bryan Ferry
04. Black On Black
05. Eurasian Eyes
      Corey Hart
06. You Can Leave Your Hat On
Joe Cocker
07. Bread And Butter
08. This City Never Sleeps
09. Cannes
      Stewart Copeland
10. Let It Go


11. Jazz John Taylor & Jonathan Elias

Track 01 written by Taylor, Des Barres, Elias. Track 12 written by Taylor, Elias.

I Do What I Do
performed by John Taylor with Jonathan Elias, B.J. Nelson, Michael Des Barres, Dalbello and Michael Brecker.
Produced and mixed by John Taylor, Jonathan Elias and Jason Corsaro.
Engineered by Howie Weinberg at The Power Station, New York.

Jazz recorded and produced by John Taylor and Jonathan Elias.
Solo piano by Pat Rebillot.

Soundtrack album executive Producer: Stephen Powers.
Mastered at Capitol Records Studio by Wally Traugott.