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artwork tracks  

01. Pyjamarama
performed by Theodore
02. Trash
performed by Nancy Boy
03. Love Is The Drug
performed by Dad's Porno Mag
04. A Song For Europe
performed by David Gahan
05. Angel Eyes
performed by Three Alarm Fire
06. Just Another High
performed by John Taylor
07. Virginia Plain
performed by Feldman, Scabies, Boston & Hay LLC
08. To Turn You On
performed by John Shanks

09. Out Of The Blue
performed by Mavis Piggott
10. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
performed by Xan
11. Streer Life
performed by Phantom 5
12. Rain Rain Rain
performed by Boyfriend/Girldfriend
13. Casanova
performed by Deneuve
14. Remake/Remodel
performed by Vitamade
15. More Than This
performed by Low Pop Suicide
All tracks by Ferry except tracks 02 & 09 written by Ferry, Manzanera and track 05 written by Ferry, Mackay.
Just Another High performed by John Taylor (vocals & bass), Rick Boston (guitar), Matt Sorum (drums) and Hein Hoven (programming).
Produced and mixed by Hein Hoven at B5 Studios. John Taylor also plays bass on 'A Song For Europe'.
Album executive producer: John Taylor. Design: Patty Palazzo. Photography: Sophia Coppola (from Diane Arbus). Cover stars: Donovan Leitch and Amanda de Cadenet.