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01. 21st Century Teenager
02. Dis-order
03. We've No Time (For One Another)
04. Soul Fire
05. Meltdown
06. Mister J
07. Fat Boy's Gone
08. King Porn
09. Lovers Afternoon
10. So Banal
11. Some Times

All tracks written by Taylor except track 04 written by Perry.

Co-produced by John Taylor and Patty Palazzo.

Played and sung by John taylor.
Gerry Laffy: guitars on 'So Banal' and 'Meltdown'.
The Mystery Blonde: vocals on 'Sould Fire'.
Doraly: vocals on 'Some Times'.

Design by Patty Palazzo for TTP Art.

"These are songs John did on his own at home back in '92 just before the release of Duran Duran's "Wedding Album". (Taken from the liners notes written by American Muse).