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01. Feelings Are Good
02. Don't Talk Much
03. Winners And Losers (Demo)
04. Air Miles (Original)
05. Lucy Lucy
06. To Do You
07. You I Belong To (Demo)
08. Johnny Full Of Fear
09. Fields Of Eden
10. Julie Geisha (My Beautiful Lover)
11. Lonely Child
12. Hey Day
13. The Other Side Of The Sun
14. Such A Good Lover
15. Immortal
16. Studio City (Misery Loves Company) 
17. This Is The Moment

All tracks written by Taylor except tracks 15 & 18 written by Taylor, Hagar and track 22 written by Taylor, Hagar, Banks.

Produced by Hein Hoven, John Taylor, Dan Chase, Doug Grean and Matthew Hager.

Mastered by Matt Cooper with Patty Palazzo at Candy Sound, 2001.

All artwork, design and packaging by Patty Palazzo with creative counsel from John Taylor.

Disc 2 contains extended versions of the following tracks:
This Is The Moment
Such A Good Lover
King Porn (Dr. Jan 'Guru' Mix)
(Remix by Jan Linton)
6000 Miles