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01. Notoriety
02. Scared
03. She Can Rock It
04. Let's Get It On

05. Life Forces
06. Fancy That

07. Living In Fear

08. Shut Up

09. Dope

10. Love Conquers All

11. Taxman
12. Charanga
13. Power Trippin'
14. Babyin' You

All tracks written by R. Palmer, A. Taylor, J. Taylor, T. Thompson except track 04 (M. Gaye), track 10 (R. Palmer, A. Taylor, J. Taylor, T. Thompson, L. Morley), track 11 (G. Harrison) and track 12 (R. Palmer).

Produced by Bernard Edwards. Engineered by Stan Katayama, Pino Pischetola and Mike Fraser. Mixed by Mike Fraser and Pino Pischetola.

Musicians: José Rossy, Wally Badarou, Philippe Saisse, Lenny Picket, Earl Gardner, Alex Foster, Mark J. Suozzo, Joseph Gollehon, Charanga band (Johnny Almendra y 'Los Jóvenes del Barrio').

Design concept: Robert Palmer.
Photography: Simon Fowler & Tiberius.
Front cover image: Virgil Finlay.
Treatment and design: Ian Ross for Bill Smith Studio, London.

'Babyin' You' has not been officially released in a physical format but is available in streaming audio through the Andy Taylor website (