Bored With Prozac And The Internet? [2013]
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01. What About God?
02. Euphoria
03. Beautiful Clothes
04. You’re Dreaming Pal
05. Paramount
06. What’s In The Future?
07. I Wanna Make Films
08. Yoghurt And Fake Tan
09. Grab The Sun
10. Using A Hidden Camera - Eyes
      In The Sky
11. People Know Your Name
All songs written and performed by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo.
Produced by TV Mania, Mark Tinley and Anthony J. Resta.
Mixed by Anthony J. Resta and Bob St. John.
Mix Engineer: Bob St. John.
Mastering: Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound.
Engineered by Mark Tinley and Anthony J. Resta.
Recorded at Privacy Studios, London & Studio Bopnique Musique, Boston.
Main instrumentation: Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo.
Programming: Tinley, The Sampling Champion Of The Universe.
Drums/percussion/sci-fi mambo atmospherics: Anthony J. Resta.
Female Vocals on 'Paramount' and 'People Know Your Name': Tessa Niles.
Lead Vocal on 'Euphoria': Madeleine Farley.
Vocal samples used on ‘Beautiful Clothes’, ‘I Wanna Make Films’, and ‘People Know Your Name’ courtesy of Planet Fashion Productions.
‘What about God?’ contains a sample of material from the television series ‘The Outer Limits’ and features the voice of Cliff Robertson.
Creative Director and Graphic Design: Andrew Day.
Front cover illustration: Vania Zouravliov.
Polaroid photography: Nick Rhodes.
Handwritten notes: Warren Cuccurullo.
Photography: Nick Rhodes and Andrew Day.
Management: Wendy Laister at Magus Entertainment.
Project Manager/Label Coordinator: Melissa Aubert at Magus Entertainment.