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01. The Holy Man's Plea
02. 4D Suite
03. Mirror Margana
04. Sikar
05. The Lost Master
06. Octavia
07. You Can't Tell


Ustad Sultan Khan: sarangi & voice.
Warren Cuccurullo: acoustic guitar & electronic ambient guitar.
Jaspal Randhawa: tamboura.
Joe Travers: drums & percussion (track 2).
Eric Hart: synth bass (track 5).
Simone Sello: synth bass (track 1), synth & additional production (track 3).

All songs composed by Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan except track 6 by Warren Cuccurullo.

Produced & mixed by Warren Cuccurullo & Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studios, Studio City, CA.
Engineered & recorded by Mark Tinley at PRIVACY, London.
Additional engineering & recording by Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studios & by Simone Sello at Redrum Studios, Studio City, CA.
Mastered by Count,

Warren Cuccurullo cover photo: Jean Renard.
Ustad Sultan Khan cover photo courtesy the Ustad Sultan Khan Estate.
Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan studio photo: Tom Mates at PRIVACY.
Design: Janet Wolsborn.

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Ustad Sultan Khan.